Welcome to the ICC Parish Library!

 The Parish Library is located in Campbell Hall at the Immaculate Conception Parish in Truro. We offer a variety of Catholic and Christian related books, DVDs and CDs for you to borrow. Our library includes a growing collection of items on the Saints, spirituality, prayer books, faith formation, Bibles and more.


Borrowing Books

You can search the Parish Library books online using the online search box below. Our books are catalogued on LibraryThing, an online database.

To borrow an item, simply sign it out in the binder located on the table at the library. Typically a loan is for 3 weeks, but if you need it longer, that’s okay. We ask that you return DVDs and CDs after 2 weeks.


Stay updated on new items by checking out our profile on LibraryThing.


Audiobooks and Ebooks

Do you read books on a tablet or like to listen to books on your phone or MP3 player? Check out Catholic Information Series brought to you by the Knights of Columbus. You can listen to the books online by downloading the MP3 file or download the PDF and read the booklets.



Do you use a smartphone? Check out some of these apps to download on your phone for information on the go!


Bible App: Over 1,000 versions of the Bible. Android, iOS, Blackberry and many other formats supported. Free!


 Pope App: The latest news and information on Pope Francis. Features live streaming from the Vatican, Tweets, links to Vatican media and more. Android and iOS. Free!


Library Policies

Gift Policy 
If you are interested in donated to the ICC Parish Library, please read the gift policy.


Weeding Policy
Our weeding policy provides information with how and why we remove materials from the collection.


Library Hours

The Parish Library is open anytime the church is open, especially before and after the weekend Mass.


Connect with us!

We have a Library Newsletter and also send out quick updates through text or email on Flocknote.

We also want to hear from you! If you are interested in volunteering with the Parish Library, have items you wish to donate or have suggestions for the library, please contact us by joining the Parish Library on Flocknote and send a message to Erin.