Overview / History of the Group

In 2016, during the Year of Mercy, the Supreme Court of Canada ruling regarding euthanasia resulted in legislation brought in called Physician Assisted Death (PAD). Here at ICC, five concerned parishioners formed a committee to discuss ways to address the implications of the Supreme Court decision, end of life care , palliative care etc.  It was thought that many people were unaware of the supreme Court ruling and its implications. A decision was made to provide a forum that would inform and educate. A presentation called “A Christian Perspective on Supreme Court Decision on Physician Assisted Death (PAD)” with Sr. Nuala Kenny as the key note speaker, was held on April 14, 2016.  The presentation was well received and the desire for further information was expressed. A video copy of this presentation will be posted here, once available.

This webpage and a Flocknote group have been created to keep you informed. To receive emails or for other inquiries, contact the chairperson: Eleanor MacDougall iccwecareapps@gmail.com

The death of St Joseph


Relevant Links and Resources

Caregivers Nova Scotia: in 2016 a new initiative supporting caregivers who will be providing palliative care at home was implemented:  http://caregiversns.org/how-we-help/ctc/

Feb. 26, 2016: a letter from Archbishop Mancini called “Response to Medical Assistance in Dying”.


March 23, 2016 Salt and Light Media posted “The Way of the Cross Today: Reflections on Suffering in Sickness and Dying.” This Stations of the Cross was developed by Sr. Nuala Kenny.  Click here to open

April 14, 2016: statement from Cardinal Thomas Collins concerning introduction of federal euthanasia/assisted suicide legislation. Click here to open


A Salt and Light Series called Every Life Matters Easter Series:


Every Life Matters Easter Series is comprised of five sessions held by Archbishop Richard Smith of the Edmonton diocese during the 2016 Easter season. The sessions, each approximately 2 hours in length, consist of informative expert talks and powerful witness talks; followed by enlightening catechesis addressing issues raised and finish with a question & answer period.


Session 1: What’s it all about? Focus: legality & palliative care.


Session 2: What’s wrong with assisted suicide and euthanasia? A young mother with debilitating pain gives a personal witness & Dr. Anna Voeuk, calls for improved access to palliative care.


Session 3: It’s my body, my choice. A hospital chaplain speaks of a family whose loved one requested euthanasia, & Dr. Robert Hauptman, a speaks about pain management.


Session 4: I don’t want to suffer. A couple shares how their disabled daughter has been a blessing & Dr. Anna Voeuk speaks on caring for the caregivers & families.


Session 5: What must we do? How are we called to respond to this new situation? A personal witness from someone who came close to losing the will to live, & Dr. Anna Voeuk calls us to defend the conscience rights of health professionals.


 Archbishop Smith’s Summary

What does it all mean?

What must we do? (the question that naturally comes out from being educated)

As always, it involves an examination of conscience, consider these four points:

  1. Be Catholic. (40% of all Canadians identify themselves as Catholic. Means, be a disciple & uphold the dignity of all life)

  2. Be informed.

  3. Be vocal (not in your face attitude but engage in conversation with family, friends & coworkers)

  4. Be inoculated (who are we listening to? and why?)

An excerpt from Health Decisions and Care at the End of Life: A Catholic Perspective by Sister Nuala Kenny, MD as found in the May 2016 issue of Living with Christ. Click here to open. This booklet is available at the parish; either borrow from the parish library or speak with Fr. Jim to receive a copy.


On the weekend of June 5th & 6th, 2016, the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth released two articles:

  1. Letter from Archbishop Mancini. Click here to open

  2. Commonly asked questions from Ministry of Care and Companionship Committee of the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth. Click here to open