We hope that you are having a beautiful and blessed Lenten season and that each of you is adjusting and finding what you need during all of the changes in these last days. In light of what is facing us right now with the Coronavirus, connecting in-person with you, our friends and supporters, is more difficult. We wanted to find a way to reach out and make some content available online.

To facilitate this, we’ve opened a Franciscans of Halifax Youtube Channel.


On this channel you can currently find Fr. Pio’s 4-part mission series on Divine Mercy. And we will be adding to the channel as often as we can with our own spiritual reflections, thoughts and teachings. Before long, you should be able to find there sharings of different kinds, Lectio Divina, and snippets of Franciscan life. We hope you’ll find something to nourish and inspire you on your journey.

We are also linking these videos to the “Reflections” page of our website, where you’ll find other written reflections too. https://www.franciscansofhalifax.com/